to dentistry.

MINT Dentistry

When taking on MINT Dentistry’s marketing, we had to completely redefine their previous, inconsistent branding in order to meet the vision of their founder, Dr. Field Harrison. Unimpressed with what other advertising and marketing agencies had produced for them, MINT gave us the creative freedom to turn their message in its head. Spoiler Alert: they loved it. And after partnering with DIAZ Ad Group for all their branding, marketing & advertising, MINT not only gained a stunning website, they also began gaining countless patient appointments each week. Since our vision meeting with Dr. Harrison, MINT dentistry has been on a steep trajectory of success, which allowed us to amplify the company through bold marketing initiatives state-wide. You may have seen our most notable campaign, “SexyTeeth,” on billboards and advertisements throughout Dallas and Houston. Our success with the innovative MINT dentistry website was recognized nationally and even earned us an invitation to Google Headquarters for a private tour of their operations. In 2017, DIAZ Ad Group expanded their core focus beyond dental marketing and set out to partner with other businesses to help them disrupt their industries. Since that time, DIAZ has become a global brand known for crafting high-end brands with bold visions to scale and expand internationally.

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